~What's In A Name~

If you've owned horses for any length of time, you know that their personalities vary as greatly as the
people who enter our lives. Some of us are lucky enough to have that one special horse who touches us like no other possibly could.
For me, that once in a lifetime horse is "Sheza Peachy Sevens" that you see here. 

Over the years, "Peaches" and I have traveled tens of thousands of miles together and luckily,
our highs seemed to outnumber the lows along the horse show road
I noticed something very early on about Peaches...
No matter where we were or what kind of show it was, there was always a friendly
stranger who would comment on how pretty she is. Their kind words would often be
followed by a story or fond memory told with a sparkle in their eye that somehow
involved a palomino horse. It seems that everyone has a soft spot in their heart for a pretty yellow horse. 
It is thanks to this one particular pretty yellow horse that I have been introduced
to some of the most interesting and amazing people over the years.
When choosing a name for my business, it was only appropriate to honor the horse who will forever hold my heart.
After a successful show career spanning 17 years and raising one beautiful palomino foal,
Peaches is now happily enjoying her well-deserved retirement at the age of 23 years young.
So, when you see me at the shows and ask "how are you?"
you now know why I'll likely respond "Just Peachy!"  

Happy Trails,
Carrie & Peaches  


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