You have worked relentlessly to perfect every aspect of your performance.

As you step up to that cone, you take a deep breath and swallow your heart back down into your chest. 
It all comes down to this moment.

Never underestimate the power of a great outfit. Just Peachy is pleased to offer an extraordinary selection of the finest quality western horse show apparel by the industry's leading designers to help you look and feel your very best with it counts the most.

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First impressions never have a second chance.

The judges will form an opinion of you in a matter of seconds.
Your appearance is a direct reflection of how prepared and well managed you are,
be certain that your choice of wardrobe sends a message of
professionalism and confidence at their first glance.

Clothes aren't going to change the world.

The women who wear them will.

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Quality isn't expensive. It's priceless.

We whole-heartedly believe that fashion should never be considered disposable,
especially not performance apparel in which your appearance is being judged.

Ask yourself- do you really want several shirts that are mediocre, that don't excite you?
Or would you rather have one or two exceptional pieces
that make you feel AMAZING when you zip into them?

Investing in quality show apparel is not only an investment in your self-confidence,
but also offers the benefit of resale value.


And dress really, really well.
Just Peachy Premier Western Show Blanket ~ The 2.0 Kaycee #993Just Peachy Premier Western Show Blanket ~ The 2.0 Kaycee #964Just Peachy Premier Western Show Blanket ~ The SweetWater #7956Just Peachy Premier Western Show Blanket ~ The Torrington #7221Just Peachy Premier Western Show Blanket ~ The Torrington #7222

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Slate Blue, Rose Gold and Black Horsemanship Shirt and Bolero Vest Set by Stella ~ Ladies SmallForest Green and Copper Horsemanship Shirt and Vest Set by Paula's Place ~ Ladies SmallCobalt Blue, Coral, Gold and Black Jacket by Stella ~ Ladies SmallIridescent Purple and Jet Black Jacket by Stella ~ Ladies MediumGunmetal and Jet Black Showmanship Jacket by Stella ~ Ladies XS

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Exquisite, high fashion pieces for your most iconic moments.

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Ashley Kelkenberg with Golden Stitch

Sit with the winners,

the conversation will be different.

Surround yourself with those who inspire you to rise to the next level.

There are others that do what we do.

It's WHY and WHO we are that makes Just Peachy inimitable.