Our Story

I will always remember my very first "real" showmanship outfit. The feeling I had when I got dressed to show is indescribable. I knew my horse and I had done our work at home, but those clothes gave me the confidence to take on the world. We were ready. We were dressed for the job we needed to do. We ended up winning our showmanship class the first time I wore that outfit. At the age of eleven, I had no idea that the feeling created by that one outfit would eventually be the catalyst to something so much bigger.

Like most girls, I never outgrew that horse crazy phase and eventually found myself on the highly competitive Ohio Quarter Horse Circuit where I competed with my mare, Peaches. I loved the challenge of finding unique show clothes that would help us stand out in the show ring but now as an adult with a “normal” job, I didn’t exactly have unlimited funds to support a big shopping habit. My wardrobe consisted of a handful of nice pieces and when I was ready for something new, I would sell one to help fund my next purchase. I quickly learned that investing in the best possible quality not only paid off in a great appearance in the show ring, but also came with the bonus of great resale value. The success I experienced in selling my own used show clothing led me to realize a tremendous need within in my immediate circle of horse show friends and fellow exhibitors so in the spring of 2010, Just Peachy was born.
It wasn't long before designers began to reach out and brand new, off-the-rack collections became a part of my offering in addition to gently used show clothing. Just Peachy was becoming so much more than just a consignment store, it was rapidly evolving into a destination for high quality show clothing. After only two short years in business, I took a leap of faith and left an established career in advertising sales to focus on Just Peachy full-time in the fall of 2012.

Today, you'll find the Just Peachy mobile boutique at prestigious AQHA shows around the country. I invite you to visit and shop our unmatched selection of exquisite designer show apparel, consign your gently used designer pieces or simply stop by to chat.

Having been an exhibitor for so many years, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the hard work that my clients put in with their horses as well as their professional careers to support this hobby. I understand first-hand, the magnitude of the investment required to make it to the show ring and I want to help my clients not only look and feel their very best, but also help them get the best possible return on that investment.

When I am not in my store at the shows, you can find me in the trenches as a horse show mom, helping and watching my own daughters show. My finger is constantly on the pulse of the industry; not only as a business owner, but as a family who is directly involved. While others may sell show clothing, I eat, breathe, live and sleep horse show fashion and the horse show lifestyle.

Carrie Bachey, Owner
2018 Best Business Owner
2018 Best Western Show Clothing Store
Pleasurehorse.com Reader's Choice Awards

~What's in a Name~

If you've owned horses for any length of time, you know that their personalities vary as greatly as the people who enter our lives. Some of us are lucky enough to have that one special horse who touches us like no other possibly could. For me, that once in a lifetime horse is "Sheza Peachy Sevens" that you see here.
Over the years, "Peaches" and I have traveled tens of thousands of miles together and luckily, our highs seemed to outnumber the lows along the horse show road. I noticed something special very early on about Peaches... No matter where we were or what kind of horse show it was, there was always a friendly stranger who would comment on how pretty she is. Their kind words would often be followed by a story or fond memory told with a sparkle in their eye that somehow involved a palomino horse. It seems that everyone has a soft spot in their heart for a pretty yellow horse.

It is thanks to this one particular pretty palomino horse that I have made lifelong friends and been introduced to some of the most amazing people. When choosing a name for my business, it was only appropriate to honor the horse who will forever hold my heart.

After a successful show career spanning 17 years and raising one beautiful palomino foal, Peaches is now happily enjoying her well-deserved retirement at the age of 24 years young.
So, when you see me at the shows and ask "how are you?" you now know why I'll likely respond "Just Peachy!"

Happy Trails,
Carrie & Peaches