Our state-of-the-art, award winning website and industry leading
social media presence reach a diverse audience of thousands of
horse show exhibitors around the world every day.

In addition to our online storefront, you’ll find our upscale boutique 
at prestigious horse shows throughout the year,
including our premier location in Congress Hall
at The All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Simply put, you cannot find better exposure across all platforms
to reach potential buyers for your designer horse show clothing.

We are obsessed with horse show fashion and would love to sell for you!

To get started, please email Carrie (carrie@justpeachyshowclothing.com) with photos of your show clothing
along with a brief description including the designer's name and approximate size of the garments.
Our clients are extremely selective so we only accept pieces that are made by
established, well-known designers that are in excellent condition and current in style.
Upon review of your items, we will send you a contract to include when you ship them.
We also accept consignments at the horse shows we attend so feel free to bring them to us at a show. 

We are currently accepting the following designer pieces on consignment:
~Western showmanship jackets and outfits
~Western riding jackets
~Western horsemanship shirts and outfits
~Western vests and vest sets
~Western horse show outfits with chaps
~Youth western horse show outfits


*Please note that we do NOT accept the following items:
-Chaps (unless part of a complete outfit)
-Boots (unless part of a complete outfit)
-English/Hunt Seat Clothing
-Saddles or Tack